Because every elderly person
deserves respect and recognition.

be.Source is fully convinced that a change in behaviour towards ageing in our society can only be brought about through determined action on a local level. Providing the skills of some for the benefit of others is one way of achieving this.

Senior in need, senior in deed Aid for the elderly Concert des coeurs

Senior in need, senior in deed


Our objective is to help disadvantaged older citizens (senior in need), while also encouraging older citizens in general to carry out volunteer activities for the underprivileged (senior in deed).

“Senior in need, Senior in deed” aims to bring together a range of solidarity programmes in favour of the elderly. These are developed in cooperation with institutions and associations on the ground, initially in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Aid for the elderly


Compagnons Dépanneurs

The «Senior-in-Action» program aims to strengthen the teams of the Compagnons Dépanneurs by attracting new senior voluntary workers in order to increase the number of interventions in the homes of underprivileged elderly in the Brussels-Capital Region. Since 1970, the non-profit organisation Compagnons Dépanneurs has come to the aid of low-income people with by carrying out paintwork, repairs and DIY jobs or by offering to help with a removal, providing furniture, etc.

« Seniors can also be the solution! »


Belgian Red Cross

The service of home visits developed by «HESTIA» of the Belgian Red Cross contributes to the social and relational wellbeing of elderly people living alone, by reducing their feeling of loneliness.
Volunteers trained by the Belgian Red Cross visit isolated seniors, providing them with company for one or two hours a week while sharing their leisure activities, chatting in a convivial atmosphere, recalling memories, going for a walk or simply sharing a cup of coffee.

« A get-together, a chat, a smile…
Just part of life. »


Singing Seniors
La Monnaie/De Munt

A Bridge between Two Worlds, the social programme of la Monnaie, aims to bring vulnerable citizens closer to the world of culture, song and opera. «Singing Seniors» offers underprivileged senior citizens a variety of musical and cultural activities either at La Monnaie or in CPAS-OCMW nursing homes (public welfare centres): choral workshops, recitals and chamber-music concerts, guided tours of La Monnaie, various educational events in the area of music, song and opera as well as access to performances at La Monnaie.

« Building a link between two worlds… »


Well-being for Seniors
Soins chez Soi

The “Wellbeing for Seniors” programme allows deprived senior citizens to benefit from services related to their wellbeing and self esteem, such as a hair cut, an aesthetic treatment, a pedicure or the maintenance of their garden.
Set up by the non-profit organisation Soins Chez Soi, the objective is to boost the dignity and self-confidence of elderly people whose low income often makes those wellness services unaffordable.


« Essential care for individual wellbeing. Everyday comfort. »


Seniors’ Daytime

Vulnerable and needy seniors can join beneficiaries of the non-profit organisation Atoll and participate with them in a variety of group activities, such as theatre, music, sculpture and themed discussions. It is a real second home full of life and warmth during the day, helping them to remain in their own home for as long as possible. This helps to reduce the risk of dependence in old age, while enabling them to have fun, chat and help each other!

« Essential to avoid being trapped
within four walls. »

picture taxistop

Mobility for Seniors

Service for Persons with Reduced Mobility from Taxistop

The Service for Persons with Reduced Mobility, developed by the non-profit association Taxistop, offers transport to low-income individuals facing travelling difficulties, thanks to volunteer drivers using their own vehicles., thanks to voluteer drivers using their own vehicle. The "Mobility for Seniors" program has been set up to improve the mobility of the less-advantaged seniors with no access to public transport: family visits, hairdresser appointments, administrative formalities, shopping errands etc. This service allows them to make those journeys and improves the social relationship between citizens.

Concert des coeurs
© Pierre Bollen


Le Concert des Cœurs, a source of solidarity.

Since 2009, at the approach of Christmas, we organise the Concert des Cœurs at the magnificent Church of Notre-Dame du Sablon in Brussels – the perfect setting for musicians, choristers and soloists.
The net proceeds from the concerts are systematically donated to the funds of be.Source.

« A special moment at a time when
we want to be with others. »