Build connections,
revitalise the not-for-profit sector,
create self-sufficient networks: priority areas

be.Source aims to bring together the various actors of our social life. Experts, donors, associations and other stakeholders. It is by working together that we will succeed in transforming this challenge into a lasting and forward-looking solution.

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The aim of be.Source is to bring together as many actors from society as possible, in order to make progress on issues relating to our ageing population. Debating, imagining, developing, changing and trying to solve this issue. Because this problem affects us all, and it is together that we will resolve it.

That's why be.Source decided to support the "Empowerment of Underprivileged Elderly" Univerisity Chair at KU Leuven-HIVA, under the direction of Professor Tine Van Regenmortel.

The main question this research project attempts to answer : "How can we strengthen elderly people living in precarious circumstances and improve their connection to their surroundings and society so that they can experience a higher quality of life?"


Partner organisations

Compagnons Dépanneurs

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Compagnons dépanneurs

Croix-Rouge de Belgique

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The social program "A Bridge between Two Worlds"
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Atoll asbl

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agrée par le SPBF

Soins Chez Soi asbl

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Soins Chez Soi 

subsidié et agrée par le SPBF

Transport social au service des personnes ayant des difficultés de déplacement
T: +32 2 227 93 01

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Bras Dessus Bras Dessous
Réseau de voisinage solidaire
T : 0486/76.62.89
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Bras Dessus Bras Dessous

Pens(i)onsQuartier - BuurtPensioen
Réseau d'Entraide - BuurtPensioen
T : 0484/48.38.33
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Le Bien Vieillir
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Le Bien vieillir


Ernst YoungINGArenbergkoor


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