A methodical approach to helping the most disadvantaged


be.Source screens non-profit organizations (NPOs) working to aid disadvantaged persons on the basis of transparent criteria.


Once selected by the board of directors of be.Source, the NPOs and the foundation sign an agreement that defines the "charity program" to be developed and, in particular, its quantitative and qualitative objectives. be.Source in return commits to provide full or partial funding for the program, for a certain period of time. The program may either reinforce a specific mission of the NPOs or create a new activity that matches its wishes, needs and competences.

Aid on the ground

Within the frame of the program, the foundation can advise its partners on matters related to its own areas of expertise, i.e. communication, finance, law, ethics, artistic creations and entrepreneurship.


be.Source closely monitors the advance of the programs towards attainment of their quantitative and qualitative objectives.


be.Source intends to verify the utilization of funds raised among its various donors and sponsors.  The information may be distributed via its communication tools.